BHB Cross Central NC Race 1 and 2

This AWESOME race series started off on September 10th and 11th at the great Spring Hill/Dorthea Dix location with some great CX racing. Great job from our friends at Berger Hardware for putting on a great event, bringing big crowds, and hosting an excellent course.

Would you do this?

Not everybody has the stomach for CX. We found a great video from this weekend of a young CX rider who raced his second CX race ever. We think he needs a few beer hands ups for this video. Check it out.


Mike Thomas 10-Sep Cat 4/5 51th
Mike Thomas 10-Sep Masters 40+ 4/5 38th
Greg Beasley 10-Sep Fat Tire 3rd
Kenneth Averitte 10-Sep Masters 40+ 4/5 22nnd
Kenneth Averitte 10-Sep Cat 4/5 28th
Greg Beasley 10-Sep Cat 4/5 40th
Mike Thomas 11-Sep Cat 4/5 45th
Mike Thomas 11-Sep Masters 40+ 4/5 34th
Greg Beasley 11-Sep Cat 4/5 38th
Greg Beasley 11-Sep Fat Tire 5th


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